Xander’s 8 months old!

Xander turned 8 months a few days ago… hard to believe he’s that old now! It was a busy, fun-filled month and so far November is turning out to be super busy too (we leave tonight for Florida). In the past month Xander has become mobile. He’s a rugrat and has the rug burns to prove it! He’s also figured out how to pull himself up into a standing position in his crib. He loves standing just about as much as he loves crawling. He’s keeping his mommy on her toes!

Here are the links to the most recent photo album. To view pictures from Xander’s 7th month, click HERE. Or to view a slideshow of the photos, click HERE. It took me awhile to get Xander to sit still for his 8th month photo. All he wanted to do was crawl toward me… as can see below. 🙂

8th month pic



One thought on “Xander’s 8 months old!

  1. I love the hair!

    I found your blog on the March Mommies forum. It’s fun to read about the milestones our babies are reaching. The rugburns on my baby’s knees were a big surprise to me!

    Happy 8 months!

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