$45 bucks for a night of fun

Friday night I dusted off a pair of strappy high-heeled shoes and Nick put on a Banana Republic ‘GQ’ shirt. My hair was straightened and my face made up with makeup for the first time all week. As we wished Xander goodnight, I’m sure he was thinking: ‘why are they all dressed up?’ Kali sadly gazed at us as we closed the crate door and told her to behave. Then Nick and I skipped out the front door, waving to Lisa our babysitter and throwing a ‘We’ll be back at 10:30’ over our shoulders. Yes, folks, that’s right. Nick and I left Xander in the care of a babysitter! Mark it in the books!

Nick and I headed downtown to attend a Budweiser function at a hockey game. Okay, it wasn’t exactly a date night but it was an opportunity to get dressed up, have a couple drinks, and engage in adult conversation.  The brewmaster pushed Nick to push me to hire a babysitter for the evening. Hire his niece, that is. And we did. She’s a graduate student and super nice. Of course Xander was in bed and out like a light so her main duty was to watch the house. I wholeheartedly thanked Nick’s boss and he firmly told me that the next step is to leave Xander in her care when he’s awake. ‘I know, I know,’ I said.

Overall, it was an enjoyable evening! We handed Lisa her $45 dollars and thanked her up and down. I tip-toed into Xander’s room to sneak a peek before heading to bed. He was sleeping soundly and didn’t have a clue where his mom and dad had been. Maybe I’ll entertain the idea again . . .


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