7 months & counting!

 Little Xander isn’t so little anymore. He’s officially 7 months old now! He’s continuing to grow like a champ, weighing in a 18.5 lbs and measuring 28.5 inches long. He’s comfortably wearing 9m & 12m sized clothes & looks simply adorable in all his new Fall outfits (thanks, Nana & Grandpa). That’s right, I said FALL! Red October has left St. Louis, and the breezy temperatures of autumn have flown in. Let’s hope the trees start changing their colors soon. With the cooler, if not down-right cold, temperatures, I’ve had to alter some activities with Xander. Our evening jogs in the jogging stroller are no longer possible and our long walks in the morning have been cut in half. In the afternoon, if the sun is shining, Xander enjoys feeling the breeze on his face as he sits on a blanket in our backyard or at our awesome local park. Our local park has trails, a lake, a play area with swings, a huge mansion overlooking the Mississippi river, and a loud fountain that Xander loves to look at. Xander had his first experience in a big boy swing last week. Much to my surprise, he squealed with glee as he swung. He detested his infant swing, but thoroughly loves the big boy swing at the park.

In other happenings this past month, Xander has decided not to crawl. Instead, he moves around by rolling. He rolls front to back, front to back, front to back until he gets where he wants to go. He likes rolling under the crib and rolling from one end of his room to the other. He loves grabbing the glider ottoman. Xander has also developed into a tummy sleeper. As soon as I put him in his crib, he flips over onto his belly. He migrates up into one corner of the crib and sleeps there, on his belly, thumb in his mouth. Before bedtime, he sits in my lap and listens to multiple stories. He absolutely loves story time. He sits, quite still, and gazes at the colorful pages of the books. We read Hello Bee/Hello Me, 123 Alaska, Language Nursery,  & Hey Diddle Diddle every day. He really enjoys those 4 books in particular.

This age is so fun! Xander is very aware of his surroundings and he’s easily entertained. For instance, he enjoys peek-a-boo, playing with random household items (like a paper-towel roll), and running his fingers through the carpet. One of his favorite things to do is typing on the keyboard. He loves slapping his hand down on things. In the bath tub he slaps the water and in my lap he slaps my open hand in a high-five motion. He’s constantly tugging on my necklace, my hair, or the drain in the bath tub. In short, he’s touching everything! Let’s just say that poopy diaper changes usually end with me washing his hands…

It’s been a wonderful month and I’m so excited to see what happens this month. Coming Up: more Gator football, Mom & Dad hire a babysitter, Meemaw comes to visit, Halloween, and Mommy leaves Dad & Xander alone for 2 nights. ACK!

1st time in the swing:

Example of him rolling in his room (trying to get to the glider):


One thought on “7 months & counting!

  1. my son never did crawl the traditional way. he would sit and scooch across the floor pulling himself along with his feet. Shortly after turning 7 months old he pulled himself up and walked. He walked around the edges of the furniture first.

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