Picture of the Day

Guess who’s a big boy?

Now that Xander has outgrown his infant carrier, I’m worried that trips to Target and the grocery store will be a bit more difficult. One luxury of the infant carrier is that it’s very portable; it can be carried or can snap into the top of a shopping cart. Trips to Target or even the local Starbucks are a breeze. I don’t have to unbuckle Xander since the carrier is also a carseat. It just snaps into the base that permanently resides in the Tahoe.  Toys dangle overhead and entertain Xander when I’m checking prices or checking out.

Well, Xander has now outgrown the infant carrier and has a big boy carseat. So what am I to do about shopping trips? I went to Marshalls yesterday and purchased a heavily discounted shopping cart cover for $15.00 (regularly priced at $39.00). The cover provides entertainment, extra cushioning, and protection from those germy carts. The pic below shows Xander’s first time in a shopping cart as a big boy. He did awesome- though I think he was confused about what was happening!

shopping at Walmart


One thought on “Picture of the Day

  1. I love his expression! By the way, Graco makes an infant carrier like the one you originally had for up to 30lbs! We bought Kanan his big boy carseat a while ago and are in the same dilema. Especially for when we go out to dinner, Its great for him to sit in the seat because he is not quite happy in the uncomfortable high chairs at the restaurants. Anyways, we are probaly going to buy the 30lb carseat for Mikes truck and use it when we plan to go places where it would help.

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