How much is that baby? part I

The baby clothes received from the baby shower have been outgrown. Xander’s weaned and drinks 32 ozs of formula a day. Diaper gifts have been used. Mommy is still not working and Nick’s bonus from last Christmas has been spent. Suddenly, Nick and I have realized that our baby ain’t cheap. Pre-pregnancy, it was difficult to anticipate how much a baby would cost. Now that the reality of Xander has hit our wallets, I wondered: how much is that baby? So, beginning September 1st, I began recording every item I purchased for our little bundle of joy. Here’s what Xander cost us in September (tax not included):

Formula: $70.81

Food items: $38.19

Clothes: $37.86

Diapers: $77.47

Wipes: $7.77

Medical:$ 15.00

Miscellaneous: $4.69

GRAND TOTAL for September: $251.79

Yikes! Despite clipping coupons (thanks, Aunt Leslie), switching to generic brand formula & wipes, and buying sale items, we still spent a lot! I stocked up on diapers during a sale (hopefully it will last me through the next month) and stocked up on Gerber’s veggies, so I plan to document October expenditures to get a better average. Stay tuned!

PS: I hope all future Mommies and Daddies are taking note. I bet you didn’t realize how much a baby costs!


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