in my spare (precious) time . . .

I don’t get much of it . . . like 2-3 hours a day (Xander definitely keeps me busy!). What do I do, you ask, during those precious hours? Clean? Watch TV? Read? Catch up on emails? Write a blog? Well, yes, I do all those things. But this morning, I completely lost track of time and spent the ENTIRE time working on a single graphic for my Vivien website. I must be crazy! Anyway, as I hear Xander chattering in his crib (translation: “Where’s my bottle?!”), I realize that I need to clean the house, watch the Today show (thankfully recorded on our DVR), write some emails, and well, I’m writing the blog as we speak. Guess I’ll have to accomplish all of that while Xander is awake. Oh well, check out the graphic on my VL site here. If I could go back in time, I think I would have pursued a career in graphic art/design. It’s a lot of fun and I definitely could use some schooling on it. Have a great weekend everyone! GO GATORS!


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