Video of the Day

Xander practices what WILL be his 1st word! (Sorry, Nick.)


4 thoughts on “Video of the Day

  1. Hi, Leigh, Nick & Xander,

    Your son is a little cutie!!! He’s always smiling is he ever grumpy???, He’s growing so quick!, I do think he looks like you Nick. Like Barbara says looks like you are both doing a great job & both a natural at being parents, as Xander looks like a very happy content baby!!.

    Love reading your blog!


    Becky ( Just in case you think who it’s your cousin Nick!)

  2. I love it!! He is doing such a good job at articulating the word Mama! Kanan started saying “mum” for like a week when he was about 3-4 months old, but he really hasn’t said it too much since. Xander is looking like such a perfect mix of you and your hubby. What a good looking kid!

  3. Hi Leigh and Nick

    Good Job Leigh getting Xander to say Mama first.
    We meaning Peter, My Friend Pat from England and I were all in tears listing to his first words.
    How we wish we could be there. Wont be too long now before I can work on him to NANA…
    Love you All
    Nana Babs

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