Bubye Summer!

Check out our 10 day forecast! Finally the weather has taken a turn for the better. Typically, September brings cooler temperatures but the month started off in a very hot way. Temperatures soared into the upper 90s and, again, kept Xander and I stuck indoors with the AC cranked. This week, however, the dog-days of summer are a distant memory. I actually had to cut our morning walk short because Xander wasn’t properly dressed for the chilly 50 degree temperatures (he doesn’t own any sweatshirts, pants, or long sleeved onesies in his current size. In fact, I couldn’t even find a single sock that fit his big toe!) Guess that means I have to go shopping! Ahhh, shucks! 🙂 Target and Old Navy are having great sales this week, thank god! I may even pick up a Halloween costume . . .

High/Low °F


Precipitation High Temperatures Low Temperatures UV Index Wind Speed

Sep 10

Mostly Cloudy
N/A/56° 20%

 20 %

Sep 11

Partly Cloudy
78°/48° 20%

 20 %

Cold Causing You Headaches?

Sep 12

73°/45° 20%

 20 %

Sep 13

79°/56° 10%

 10 %

Sep 14

Mostly Sunny
75°/46° 20%

 20 %

Learn How Cold Affects Your Health

Sep 15

70°/49° 10%

 10 %


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