6th month progress report

HAPPY BABY!My little baby isn’t so little anymore. He’s 1/2 year old today! Happy birthday, Xander! So far it’s been a fun-filled day- Xander’s in an excellent mood (the first time since his shots on Tuesday) and we spent the morning walking around the St Louis Art Fair (pre-rain storm) and the mall (during the rain storm).  Xander enjoyed resting his arms on the sides of the stroller, gazing at the other babies that passed by, and occasionally sucking his thumb and squealing at dad’s high pitched voices. As promised, here’s a rundown of the past month.

1. I like doing 180s! Xander has this new thing. He likes to scoot around in his crib. Every morning I try to guess what position he will be in. Some mornings, he’s on his belly sucking his thumb and talking to himself. Two mornings ago he was on his side in the far corner of the crib, resting his feet on the bumper. Most mornings, though, he’s managed to do a 180, his head facing the opposite direction.  I guess Xander has a party in his crib in the wee hours of the morning!

2. blah, blah, blah. Xander loves listening to his own voice. He makes lots of weird sounds but some have a G or H sound. I could have sworn he said ‘hi’ to me the other day! He’s quit making raspberries for now. Instead he’s making this obnxious noise similar to the sound Forrest Gump’s mother made in bed.

3. Give me MORE! Xander has a very healthy appetite. He loves, loves, loves his solid foods. I’ve slowly increased the amount he eats and sometimes I wonder if he knows I'm a pig!when he’s full. . . often, he keeps opening his mouth for more after downing a bottle and a huge tub of veggies. So far Xander has not rejected anything! He loves all veggies and all fruits. His favorites are green peas and sweet potatoes. He eats about 4 TBs of rice cereal, 1 tub of vegetable 2nd foods, and 1 jar of fruit a day. He’s also getting 2 bottles of formula and 2 nursing sessions. Still not completely weaned yet.

4. What nap? I recently adjusted his daily schedule by eliminating the 3rd nap and moving up his bedtime. Xander has shown an increased ability to stay awake for longer periods of time. It’s been an adjustment for mommy because she enjoyed Xander taking that 3rd nap. Now Xander is awake from 7am – 7:30pm with at most 3-3.5 hours of naptime a day (sometimes less). In the afternoon he’s awake for nearly 4 hours straight!

5. Milestone accomplishments. Xander is nearly an independent sitter. He can sit by himself for about 90 seconds before falling over. He’s also getting better with his hands, sometimes using a raking motion to grab toys on the floor. He’s in that ‘touchy-feely’ phase, trying to grab everything in sight. No crawling yet and no teeth either.

6. Not cool, dude! Xander has developed some none-desirable traits. First, he often gets mad if I am not within sight. For instance, the other day I went in the laundry room to fold laundry while he played in his exersaucer in the living room. He began to cry when I went in the laundry room. I poked my head out to look at him and he started smiling. I went back in the laundry room to continue my chore and Xander began screaming until I poked my head out again. Second, he’s growing impatient with me. For example, after he finishes his bottle, I place him in his highchair so I can prepare his solid food. As soon as he sees me get the spoon and cereal out, he begins to cry in anticipation. Feed me now, feed me now! What a bugger!

Okay, that’s all for now! Leave us a comment so we know who’s visiting our blog. We’d love to hear from ya!

6 months old today


2 thoughts on “6th month progress report

  1. I think you officially have that chubby baby you were wishing for. My god the boy can eat!! So how many ounces in the bottle do you give him before you give him his solids? I’ve tried feeding Kanan after a bottle and he is not interested. But I give him 8 oz. Maybe I should make it smaller? I’d love some advice because Kanan eats 2-3 TB of cereal in the morning and than a 2 oz jar of fruits or veggies in the evening and that is it.

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