Happy Labor Day!

Hope everyone out there had a wonderful long weekend- we sure did! Our Canadian pals Mark & Meghan flew in from Toronto to spend the holiday with the three of us. Here’s a rundown of how we spent our 3 day weekend:

1. Girls had a typical “girls Saturday” which included luxurious spa treatments, an hour long stint at Target, and a stop at the local mall for some food and money-throwing at Victoria Secret & Bath and Body Works.

2. Gator football!

3. BBQing. Think hamburgers, pulled pork, and brauts.

4. Golf-Sunday for the boys minus Xander.

 5. Played Baggo in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the early AM (thanks to a spotlight. I think we pissed off the neighbors though).

6. Did cartwheels.

7. Searched the internet multiple times in search of answers to basic questions (ie: do you add salt before or after you boil water).

8. Mark made killer curry!

9. All 4 of us fell asleep during Blades of Glory.

10. Good times with good friends! Thanks for coming guys! 🙂 


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