Dang, it’s HOT!

Currently in Saint Louis, it’s a raging 104 degrees fahrenheit. And the heat index is nearly 110! Yikes!

Anyway, I’m writing because I want to tell everyone that I’m now using Flickr.com for showcasing Xander’s adorable photos. I’m happy to upload any photos to Snapfish for people who aren’t internet-savy (aka: grandmas!) but check out Flickr. It’s pretty cool. Not only can you order prints (from Target), but you can save photos to your own computer. If you select a specific photo, you’ll notice a “all sizes” logo on top the photo. Click on it to view smaller and larger sizes of that photo. In addition, I plan to upload photos periodically instead of once a month. You can always find the link to Flickr on this blog (it’s located on the toolbar to the right), but in the event you use bookmarks, here’s the link: http://flickr.com/photos/leighuf/

Slideshow of the 4th month, click here.


One thought on “Dang, it’s HOT!

  1. I. hate. summer. (!!!) Its the 104 degree weather that makes me feel trapped in my own home (if I don’t feel like showering after every step I take outside). 😛 It’s such a bummer for the little ones — Jones wants to go on walks, but I refuse! We’ve been spending time in the water instead.. Hope the temp comes down SOON!

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