5 month update

Happy birthday Xander! He turns 5 months old today and his uncle Gwyn is also celebrating a birthday. Happy b-day, bro! Here’s an update on what Xander’s been up to. I’ll add some videos later this week.

I'm 5 months old!

 1. What’s that noise?Xander has learned to make ‘raspberry’ sounds with his lips and clicking sounds with his tongue. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the infamous clicking noise, reminiscent of the language spoken by the bushman featured in the Gods suckin' on his big toeMust Be Crazy films, through the baby monitor. Very funny.

2. Rolling-over woes. Xander is habitually rolling over in his crib prior to his naps or sometimes during his naps. He hasn’t figured out how to undo this and often falls asleep belly-down. No problem unless he wakes up. I think the pool of wet drool and the partial paralysis of his face are uncomfortable which inevitably leads to crying and disruption of his naps. Strangely, he has not rolled over in the middle of the night. I’m expecting to hear his wail in the early AM any day now.

3. Sitting up accomplishments. Xander is not an independent sitter yet, but he’s getting closer and closer. He can support himself with his arms for up to 10 seconds before toppling over. We practice everyday, often with the padding of many pillows surrounding the practice zone. He enjoys sitting with the mini-Boppy, acting as an intertube and prop, around his middle.tummy sleepin'

4. Bubye Bouncy Chair. That’s right, Xander’s actually outgrown it! He hates sitting at that angle and constantly arches his back and lifts his butt in an attempt to wiggle his way out of the bouncy chair restraints. Now his full-time chair is the Bumbo and the high chair.

5. I love Kali! Xander has become fascinated with the dog. He enjoys it when Kali comes close and licks his feet (which are very ticklish). Xander reaches out and tries to grab her ears or her hair. This usually results in voracious licking of his hands. Xander grins from ear to ear when this happens and squeezes his eyes shut in case Kali plants one on his face. It’s so cute!

5. Basic facts. Xander, I think, weighs around 16lbs and is nearly 27 inches long. He’s almost ready for Pampers size 3 diapers and is outgrowing his 6M and 6-9M clothes. He’s almost getting 11 hours of sleep at night now and wakes up at 7am every morning. He’s still nursing 5 times a day and getting yummy cereal for lunch & dinner. We plan to introduce some orange veggies this weekend.

Coming up: a weekend trip to the Lake, 6 month shots, and house guests. And hopefully an end to the 105-110 heat wave! Xander misses his evening stroller rides.


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