Introduction of rice cereal

Sometimes Mommy doesn’t know best. I’m eating my own words, specifically “breastmilk is currently satisfying [Xander] nutritionally” (see “4 month checkup” blog entry). Let me digress for a moment. Xander has been having some afternoon naptime issues this past month. Specifically, he’s been taking 1 long nap in the A.M. (1.5-2 hours in length) and 3 cat naps (20-30 minutes each). Ideally I want him to take 3 naps during the day, 2 long and 1 short. I wasn’t sure WHY he suddenly started taking multiple cat naps, especially since he use to be such a grand napper. I experimented in an attempt to create longer naps in the afternoon- I tried keeping him awake longer because maybe he just wasn’t tired. I also tried putting him to bed earlier for fear I had overstimulated him. No change after each experiment. I gave up.

yumFast forward to the future. A lightbulb formed over my head Tuesday. Maybe Xander’s waking up out of hunger! Maybe I should experiment by giving him rice cereal for the first time. So, I swung by our local grocery and purchased some Gerber’s. After his 1:00pm nursing session, I mixed some cereal with milk making sure it was nice and thin. I plopped Xander in the high chair, suited him up in a large bib, and stuck a spoon in his mouth. Even though a large portion came back out and down his chin, Xander appeared to enjoy the new substance. After playing for an hour, Xander grew tired and was ready for nap. I put him down and cranked the baby monitor anticipating to hear a peep 30 minutes later. Sure enough, like clockwork, I heard it. Wahhh! Followed by silence. And more silence. I tiptoed into his room and was shocked to find him zonked out, softly snoring. His afternoon nap lasted 1 hour and 40 minutes! The next day, his afternoon nap lasted 1 hour. The next day it lasted 2 hours. So, I guess this was nature’s way of telling me that sometimes Mommy’s aren’t in control and sometimes they don’t know what’s best for their baby. I didn’t think he was ready for solids, but in the end, he was. Now he’s getting rice cereal two times a day, for lunch and for dinner. The doctor said after two weeks Xander can move on to veggies.


One thought on “Introduction of rice cereal

  1. I am the mother of five children…I nursed them all. I introduced real food at about 3 months of age. I don’t really know why except that maybe they were sitting on my lap during meals. I would squish up what ever was on my plate and put a little on their tongues. They loved it….and their laps lengthened which made it possible for me to finish a chore or take a nap too!! 🙂 Your baby is adorable.

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