4 month checkup

Today Xander had his 4th month checkup with Dr. Daly-Wilson which meant another round of shots in the upper thigh. I’ve been dreading this appointment for weeks because after his 2 month shots Xander wasn’t himself for an entire week. He lost his appetite and wasn’t sleeping well at night. I tossed and turned last night anticipating what was to come. I hate to see my little baby in pain.

Once again, Xander was all smiles and coos at the appointment not knowing what was around the corner (4 stabs in the leg by a horribly slow nurse who seemed more nervous than me). Before the shots, I had a great conversation with Dr. Daly about Xander and his developmental milestones. She’s pleased with his growth and his progress. She said I can now begin feeding Xander rice cereal, but I plan to hold off until he’s 5 months old since breastmilk is currently satisfying him nutritionally. Plus I want him to get accustomed to sitting in his highchair before I start sticking a foreign spoon in his mouth. Dr. Daly also reassured me that Xander will master rolling from tummy-to-back within the next month. Xander hates being on his tummy but loves to roll over, so several naps have been disrupted because he wakes up and discovers he’s on his tummy and proceeds to wail until I flip him. We also discussed the weaning process, which I plan to begin around his 6th month birthday. Next, the horribly slow nurse entered and administered the shots. Xander cried harder and louder this time, and his poor head turned a tomato red color as he sucked in air and held his breath. His thumb couldn’t even soothe him. It wasn’t until we were in the car, AC blasting, and a dose of Tylenol shot down his throat that he finally calmed down and fell asleep. The doc recommended that I medicate him for the next 24 hours. Trust me, I will!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 14lbs, 14 oz (50th percentile)

Height: 26 1/2 inches (90th percentile)

And here are Mommy’s stats: I’ve lost 33lbs! Only 7 pounds left until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m almost there!


2 thoughts on “4 month checkup

  1. i read your blog periodically, it’s fun to hear about all the things Xander is doing — he and Jones are very close in age and very similar (so far!) 🙂 we emailed a bit about “babywise,” too, if you remember. i was wondering if you could email me or maybe post a typical day for Xander — i’m always wondering if Jones is doing what other babies his age are, etc, especially with the scheduling and all that (number of feedings, naptimes, etc.) just for curiosity’s sake! (and, as i’m sure you know, it always helps to know you’re not the “only mom”) 🙂

    so sad about the shots! 😦

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