My little water baby

Xander loves the water. Yes, he cried till he was beet-red during the first couple baths, but soon he began to enjoy the warm water and the pampering. Bathtime became part of his night time routine early on. His little aquarium bath tub came with a newborn sling, but now Xander’s old enough to sit in the tub sans sing. He absolutely lolittle frogves this newfound freedom. He kicks like crazy, punches his fists into the water, and perturdes his upper lip in concentration. His goal? To see how quickly he can get the water inside the tub OUT of the tub and onto the kitchen counter or the floor or Mom’s clothes or all the above.  Nick and I agree that it’s time to move the tub into the bathroom tub because our kitchen looks like a war zone after Xander’s bathtime.

So, it did NOT surprise us that he loved, loved, loved the pool. During our visit to Florida, we took advantage of my parent’s 88 degree pool. We strapped Xander into an expensive swim diaper, blew up a small infant raft, and dipped him into the water. At first he looked a bit confused, but soon he was punching the water and splashing water on his face. During his second swim a couple days later, Nick held Xander and allowed him to ‘skim’ the water. In an instinctual way, Xander began to kick his legs underwater in a frog-like motion. It actually looked like Xander was swimming! It was too cute. We’ve got a little water baby on our hands!

1st time in pool


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