New Videos

FINALLY! It’s taken me forever, I know, to add more videos. But here ya go! I’ve added 7 new videos of Xander to the collection located on our website. As many of you know, Xander’s been laughing for several weeks now, but videotaping him doing it has been a challenge. He’s very aware of the camera now, so as soon as I whip it out, he’s mesmerized by it. So, I managed to get 1 small laugh on camera before he noticed me holding the silver thing. A couple weeks later, I was able to prop the camera out of Xander’s sight and yes, I got him to laugh. Xander likes being tickled, especially on the chest and under the armpits. It’s too cute. Anyway, to access the videos, click HERE.To see Xander laughing, click HERE.


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