Xander is 3 months old!

It’s been an exciting month! Here’s a run down of what he’s been up to!

1. Hello hands. Xander discovered his thumb at 8 weeks and shortly after he discovered his hands. He’s not only holding toys now, but he’s picking them up and even putting them in his mouth. One time he passed a toy from one hand to the other. Then he picked up a second toy with the empty hand. Pretty impressive. He also grabs everything in sight- his clothes, the bars on his bouncy chair and exercise mat, his bib, his toes, my shirt, my hair, my necklace . . . the list goes on.

2. Hehehehe! Xander’s laughing now. It took me by surprise one day and I begged him to do it again. He didn’t at that moment, but he has laughed again everyday since then. It’s seriously the cutest thing in the world.bumbo chair

3. Rogaine? Xander’s baby hair is falling out and new hair has begun to grow in–  can’t tell if he’ll be a light blonde baby or a dirty blonde baby.

4. Zzzzzzz! Xander has slept through the night 24 days straight. It’s divine! Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself.

5. Wide-eyed. Xander’s waketime is slowly increasing. Typically, he stays awake for 1.5-2 hours before needing a nap. During the day he cuddles with Mommy, sits in his bouncy chair to play with his Leapfrog, swats at the dangly objects on his exercise mat, practices holding toys on the floor, listens to some stories, stares at himself in the mirror for a good 20 minutes a couple times a day, works on sitting up, sits in the stroller (without the carseat now) for a push around our local park, goes for a ride to Target (no head rest in the carseat anymore either), and sucks on his thumb. Whew! He’s a busy baby!

Coming up this month: Nick’s b-day, Xander’s 1st plane ride, our trip to Florida, and more shots (yikes!).

 sitting in chair


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