Hi Uncle Gwyn

Xander got to meet one of his uncles this weekend- good ol’ uncle Gwyn. He flew in from Orlando to spend a long weekend bonding with Xander and drinking lots of freshly brewed Bud. I can recall the good old days when Gwyn use to terrorize me and my little brother Logan, locking us out of the house in the dead heat of summer or hitting us with various sharp objects. He’d tease, name call, and black mail.  So you can imagine my surprise when he seemed so natural and gentle with Xander and that Xander actually liked Gwyn in return, tossing him smiles and coos. Okay, just kidding . . . Gwyn WAS a terror when we were kids but I wasn’t in the least bit surprised how great he was with the baby. He’s gonna be an excellent uncle! (in the photo below the caption should read: guess who’s ready for a nap?!) 🙂xander & uncle gwyn


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