Happy Birthday to Mommy

When I woke up on the morning of May 25, I discovered that Xander was still soundly sleeping. I took the opportunity to go downstairs and eat an English muffin and make myself a cup of coffee. Approximately 15 minute later, I returned to take a peek into the Pack n Play. Much to my surprise, Xander was wide awake, content looking up at the stationary mobile. (Most mornings he wakes up crying, wanting to be fed immediately.) As soon as his eyes met mine, he turned and gave me the biggest, warmest smile. It was the BEST birthday gift he could have given me! I picked him up and took him to his changing table to change his diaper. We spent a good 10 minutes talking to each other and flashing each other smiles. It was a wonderful start to my 28th birthday. I was fortunate enough to capture one of those smiles on camera. Isn’t he perfect?

happy birthday mommy!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Mommy

  1. Just wanted to say hi. Your baby is so adorable. I know I say that every time. 🙂 My Jeffrey is turning 11 months on the 6th of June. How time flies. Glad you guys are enjoying your little one.

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