10 things I couldn’t live without

Besides the crib, diapers n wipes, and clothes, here are the things that I, as a first time mom, couldn’t live without:

1. Boppy pillow (great for nursing, sitting my post partum butt on, and propping X in)

2. Mini take-along-swing (it collapses and allows X to lay back comfortably)

3. Pack n Play with changing table feature (Xander sleeps in here every night)

4. Tons of receiving blankets (X gets wrapped up for naps & who has time to do laundry?)

5. Soothie pacifier (only paci Xander likes. It’s literally saved our sanity)

6. Bouncy seat (X can ‘sit’ with me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

7. Exercise playmat (X discovers something new about this thing every day)

8. Aquarium bathtub with sling (X gets a bath everynight. He likes lounging and getting pampered)

9. Babywise– Xander was sleeping 8 hours a night by 8 weeks (but I could definitely live WITHOUT the creepy anti-Babywise crusaders who email me and stalk this blog)

10. Xander. He’s simply amazing. 🙂


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