2 month update

My little baby is growing up! It’s hard to believe he’s 2 months old! He’s getting bigger and bigger everyday. He’s now wearing size 2 Pampers and fitting into some 3-6M outfits. He’s very long, but has skinny little legs. He’s got lots of rolls on his thighs, but he’s still a lean looking baby. I’m waiting for the morning when I wake up to discover I have a porky , stick-a-fork-in-me, baby.  He’s nursing 7 times a day and loves, loves, Thumb SuckingLOVES his berry-flavored vitamins. Xander still has a fussy time, but now it’s between 5-7 pm instead of 8-10 pm.  Nick and I are becoming experts at dealing with his crying spells: change diaper, make funny noises, tickle him, try to get him to stand up, walk with him, and if all else fails- pacifier! As of recently, Xander has figured out that shoving his fist into his mouth isn’t smart. Now he unclenches his fist and sticks histhumb in his mouth and sucks. He does this when he’s tired, fussy, or bored. In the beginning, Xander cried up to 3 hours a day. Now he cries 1 hour or less during the day. Sometimes he cries only 15 minutes total for an entire day (if we’re lucky!!). Every day is different. One thing that has become consistent is his night time sleeping pattern. Xander has successfully slept 8 hours straight 5 out of the last 7 days. Those 2 odd ball days, he slept 7 hours because he only nursed 6 times during the day. When he sleeps through the night he misses a feeding so Mommy has to play catchup during the day. Sometimes we manage to squeeze in the 7th nursing session, but 2 days we failed. Another new thing Xander is doing is napping before bedtime. He now sleeps 1 hour before his last feeding of the day. He use to cry; now he naps. So, he normally sleeps from 9pm-10pm, wakes up to nurse, back to bed until 6:30 am.

Developmentally, Xander is right on track. He has a heavy head (16 1/4 in circumference, 80th percentile) so we’re still working on building his neck muscles. Tummy time is getting better and better. He can lift his head at a 45 degree angle, but not for very long. When I hold him to my shoulder, he can keep his head steady. However, when I put him in his Lifting headBumbo seat, hishead still slumps a little to the side. Daddy’s been working Xander’sleg muscles and Xander loves trying to stand on his 2 feet. He also loves pushing his feet and attempting to crawl up Daddy’s chest. Xander is so alert; he watches things around him. He’ll track a toy with his eyes and when he’s laying on the floor, he’ll turn his head to watch me as I clean a room. He socially smiles . . . well, he smiles ALLthe time. He’s cooing but not laughing yet. He held his first toy yesterday- a pair of car keys. Hmmm, what does that mean? Xander’s waketime is increasing with each week. He can now stay awake for 2 hours straight before growing fussy and needing a nap.

Today Xander had his 2 month checkup with Dr. Daly-Wilson. After the regular battery of questions, Xander was weighed and measured. Dr. Daly listened to his heart beat, checked out his limbs and head, and put him on his tummy.  Xander lifted his head and rolled over due to the weight of his big head. Dr. Daly was impressed but warned us about leaving him alone on a bed or couch. We don’t want any rolling accidents! Silly baby smiled and cooed during the exam not realizing what was coming up- 4 needles and 1 oral vaccine. Xander gulped down the oral vaccine in ‘record time,’ as the nurse put it. Ready for shots?Then came the worst thing ever! One nurse held his arms while the other nurse stabbed him with 4 shots. When the 2nd shot went into his leg, Xander’s face turned a horrible red color as he held his breath, mustering up an enormous shrill scream. My poor little baby! His face was redder than his Cardinal outfit! As soon as they were done, I grabbed him and attempted to calm him. Redressing him and putting him into his carseat was NOT easy. Once he was buckled up, I rocked his seat and he finally quieted down. Our next scheduled visit is in July for his 4 month checkup.

2 month stats:

Weight: 12lbs, 6oz (65th percentile)

Height: 24 inches (80th percentile)


2 thoughts on “2 month update

  1. Thanks for sharing! Its cool to see what Xander is doing since he is 4 days older than Kanan. They are reaching all the same milestones although Kanan still is trying the fist in the mouth and hasn’t quite yet figured out how to put his thumb in. I can’t wait, so I don’t have to fetch the pacifier everytime he gets super fussy…lol

  2. Hello. Glad to see you guys are doing great. Your son is adorable. Could not wait to say that to you since you said it to me. 🙂 I hope you guys are hanging in there. Seems like you are. He looks just like the both of you guys. That is neat that he shares both his mommy and daddy’s looks. Beautiful little boy. Would like to hear from you if you get some time.

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