Good job, Xander!

Xander’s sleep habits have come a long way. In the beginning his days and nights were mixed up. He slept a ton during the day and only a couple hours during the night. Then, he started sleeping better at night, but woke up 2 times in the early AM to nurse. By week 3, he was waking up only once during the nights to nurse. Slowly he started sleeping in longer stretches. First, 3 hours. Then 4 hours. Then 4-6 hours. A couple weeks ago he slept 7 hours straight and Nick and I were so proud of our little baby. However, we were wondering, “Was it just a fluke?” A couple days later he slept 7 hours again. Another night he slept 7.5 hours. In between those nights of long sleep, he slept 5-6.5 hours straight. Insert drumroll, please . . . Xander slept over 8 hours Friday night! I actually had to wake the little guy up to eat. Shocking! What’s even more shocking is that he did it again! Last night he slept 8 hours, too. Insert applause, please. Hopefully he keeps it up, or least does it occasionally because it’s simply wonderful. We are soooo proud of our little baby.

Xander & Nick


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