10 things you didn’t know about Xander

Xander loves his playmat Smiling King

1. He loves to listen to Sirius’s Spa channel. At naptime and at night, Mommy turns it on and Xander goes right to sleep.

2. Xander loves it when Mommy makes funny sounds.

3. He’s a smiling king.

4. He loves to kick. If you lean over him while he’s sitting in his bouncy chair, he’ll kick his legs and put his feet on your chest, neck, or face . . . whichever is within reach. Then he’ll continue to kick you. He thinks it’s hilarious.

5. He’s very vocal now. I think he likes the sound of his own voice.  He talks on the exercise playmat, in his bouncy chair, and even when alone in his crib. 

6. Even if Xander’s crying when Daddy walks in the door after work, he’ll stop for a moment to give Nick a huge smile.

7. Xander STILL falls asleep everytime we go for a drive in the car.

8. He’s got chunky monkey thighs.

9. Daddy thinks Xander will grow up to be a soccer player or a UFC boxer (X loves to kick and punch).

10. Xander is the cutest baby in the world . . . or, maybe you did already know that. 🙂


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