6 weeks old: smiling and diaper blowouts

I can’t believe that Xander is 6 weeks old today. Sheesh! Where has the time gone? The neat thing about having an infant is that each week he changes or does something new. Last week, for instance, he smiled AT me for the first time. Before that, he only smiled in his sleep or when he passed gas. Now he smiles at voices and especially when Daddy comes home from work. I immediately pass Xander over to him and Xander gives Nick several big toothless grins. He also smiles at high pitched voices Smiling up a storm!and after his first nursing session of the morning when he sees my face for the first time. His smiles melt our hearts and keep us grinning well after he stops. In other news, Xander has become an expert at staining his clothes and blankets. One bowel movement is all it takes to blow out his diaper, causing yellow poop to seep out of the sides and out the back of his diaper. His size 1 Pampers aren’t equipped to handle the volume! Nick swears a size 2 diaper might help . . . we will see. Otherwise, everything is wonderful with baby Xander. He’s still waking only once during the night to nurse. His first stretch of sleep lasts 4-6 hours and five times now I’ve had to wake him up to eat. The pediatrician said I could let him sleep 6-8 hours, but I’ve had a recent bout of Mastitis so feeding him often has helped me get back into shape. When I’m cured, I will NOT hesitate to let him sleep through the night!


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