1 month stats

Today Xander had his 1 month checkup with Dr. Daly-Wilson. Xander woke up in a great mood and I think it’s because he was well rested. He slept for 5 1/2 hours straight last night! I actually had to wake him up to breastfeed. I put him back to sleep for another 2 1/2 hours before the appointment. So, he got plenty of Zzzzzs. He didn’t cry at all during the measuring or weighing. When the nurse put him on the exam table and started talking to him, he began smiling at her. (Yesterday, in fact, was the first time he smiled AT me.) “Ahh, he smiles at voices now” she remarked. Dr. Daly-Wilson soon came in to exam Xander. He checked out beautifully. His weight is in the 50th percentile and his height is in the 75th. She wants me to start him on vitamins since I’m exclusively breastfeeding and my milk isn’t a great source of vit. D. She gave me tips on how to relieve his congestion, which is apparently a very common thing in newborns. Since his nasal cavity is so little, it can very easily get stopped up. The appointment concluded with a shot in the leg. For the first time during the appointment, he screamed. Poor little guy! As soon as I put him in his car seat, though, he stopped and was ready for a nap.

Here are his stats:

AT BIRTH: he weighed 8lbs, 3ozs & measured 21 inches

WHEN DISCHARGED FROM HOSPITAL: he weighed 7lbs, 8 ozs

1 MONTH: he weighs 10lbs, 4 ozs & measures 22 3/4 inches


One thought on “1 month stats

  1. This might be weird, but I wanted to contact you when I read a comment you posted at BabyCenter — you might be the only other scheduled-feeding mom I’ve come across at the BC boards! (and perhaps the only other mom who lets her baby cry for 10 minutes in the middle of a nap!) My husband and I are also doing scheduled-feeding and are trying now to get our little guy, Jones, a bit more regular with his morning and bedtime feedings. (We had a bit of a breakdown in the timing of everything when I got mastitis a week ago and my milk supply went wacko.) So I was just wondering if I could troubleshoot with you, since there aren’t many PDF moms on BC.

    My Jones, likewise, has a fussy time in the evening, usually when he’s supposed to go down for his last nap of the day before his final feeding. If he cries in his crib for 10 mins or so, we go in and check him — of course, nothings wrong, so I just never know if we should just let him cry till he falls asleep or if we should do something. He stops crying when we pick him up, but then opens his eyes and absolutely WILL NOT fall asleep in our arms, even though sleep is really what he’s crying about. Just curious what you and your hubby do — sounds like we might parent in similar ways.

    PS — are you using “Babywise” or some other book?

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