Happy 1 month birthday, Xander!

Happy Easter

Oh, and happy 1st Easter! Exactly one month ago, little Xander came into our lives. It’s hard to believe he’ll be 5 weeks old on Thursday! He has his 1 month check-up on Tuesday so we’ll have the opportunity to ask the Doc questions and we’ll find out how much Xander has grown since his 1st week checkup. Nick and I have ‘guesses’ on how much he weighs. He was born weighing 8lbs, 3 ozs, but he lost a lot of weight in his 1st 2 days of life. He went home from the hospital weighing 7lbs, 8ozs. Some of his newborn clothes are snug now and he definitely feels heavier. So, we’ll see who wins. On another note, Xander has a little cold (or could it be allergies?) that has him snorting and horribly congested. Yes, he sometimes sounds like a little piggy. The bulb syringe has become VERY useful in sucking out his snot. I wanted to try out on Nick, but he wouldn’t let me. Oh well!

Other news in the life of Xander  . . . he received his social security card and his first piece of mail. He’s adjusting to the schedule I’ve put him on. During the first 10 days of Xander’s life, I fed him on demand but tried to stick to a 2 to 2 1/2 hour feeding schedule. Once Xander and I mastered breastfeeding, we began a strict 2 1/2 to 3 hour feeding schedule. We start our day within a half hour of 6:30am and we finish our day with a 10pm feeding. Then, I let Xander wake naturally during the middle of the night to nurse. Last week he typically woke up at 3am, but this weekend he slept until 4:30am! It was nice to get those long stretches of sleep! Nick and I hope he keeps this up. We also introduced Xander to the bottle last week since I would like to have a couple glasses of wine occasionally. So, after pumping some milk into a bottle Nick attempted to feed Xander. Well, it didn’t go so well. The nipple on the bottle was new and different to Xander so he got frustrated and began screaming. Nick handed him over to me and I tried. I finally got him to calm down but he gulped the milk too quickly. The bottle was a slow flow bottle, but Xander still managed to inhale the milk. After some more crying and choking, he finished the bottle . . . and began crying. He finished the entire bottle in less than 10 minutes! He normally nurses for 30 minutes. Xander enjoys sucking and often, in the evenings, we give him a soothie pacifier to calm him during his fussy spells between feedings. Since he gulped down the bottle so quickly, he didn’t get the satisfaction of sucking for a long period of time. In short, he had to nurse after the bottle. Luckily, this was a test run and I did not drink any wine prior. We hope with time he’ll get comfortable with the bottle, but I definitely prefer breastfeeding.

So, happy birthday little guy! We love him more and more each day! Every day he surprises us with something new. For instance, he loves bathtime now so Nick and I save it until the evenings during his fussy time. As soon as we strip him naked and put him in the tub, he stops crying. We take our time bathing him 🙂 We also discovered by chance that running the vacuum makes him stop crying.


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