3 weeks

Just a quick update on baby Xander: He’s doing wonderfully! It seems that he’s  gaining weight like a champ. Xander feels heavier– my 3 weeks oldarms burn after holding him for a couple minutes. I don’t need to purchase any weights; I’ve got my baby to exercise with! He officially graduated out of newborn-sized diapers during week 2 and is now sporting size 1 diapers. We started out using Huggies, but had to change to Pampers because the Huggies kept leaking out the back. So, if anyone has any Pampers coupons, send them my way. We go through approximately 80 diapers in a week and they ain’t cheap!  On another note, he’s still got issues with peeing. If he’s naked, expect a fountain to erupt within seconds! If he’s in the tub, watch out for a spurt! He just likes to pee when he’s free. The little bugger!


2 thoughts on “3 weeks

  1. He’s adorable guys. I don’t know where you guys are buying your diapers but if you go to Sam’s they have a pretty good size box there with I think 200+ diapers for I think $40 or a little under. That is where I get mine. Cheaper and more for your money.

  2. Same thing here. Kanan is wearing size one’s. He leaks in Huggies so the Pampers are a better fit and he loves to pee at diaper changes and bathtime. Looks like Xander and Kanan would be best friends if they could…lol

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