1 Week Old

Bath time!

Xander is officially one week old today! Even though he has only been around for a short while, Nick and I agree with can’t remember life without him. He has forever changed us and our family. We are a family now.

Well, the first week in the life of Xander has definitely been exciting and challenging. Here’s a quick summary:

1. Xander has taken many road trips- mostly to see the doctor. He’s returned to St Anthony’s 1 time, been to the pediatrician 1 time, and visited the ER 1 time. He’s also been to Starbucks and Bee Tree park for a little push in the stroller.

 2. He’s been stuck approximately 10 times in the foot in order to have blood withdrawn.

3. He’s already had his first rash (on the face unfortunately! The creme the hospital gave me for breast soreness had a nasty reaction to his skin. He had a chapped face for 2 days)

4. He cried for 3 hours straight one night. We were stupid enough to let him sleep for the entire day so when it was nighttime, he didn’t like the idea of being asleep!

5. He’s grown to like his car seat- it’s an automatic way to get him to fall asleep!

6. He’s sprayed himself in the face a couple of times during diaper changes. Our living room window has been sprayed toomany times! We bought a pee pee teepee.

7. He’s slept in his crib and his pack n play. We were worried he’d never do that. When he was first born, he only wanted to sleep on Nick’s chest or in my arms.

8. He’s had his first couple sponge baths. He screamed during the first one.

9. He’s been kissed by Nick & I thousands of times! We just LOVE him! We especially love his spontaneous smiling.

We wonder what the next week has in store for Xander!


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