Photos of Xander

Okay, okay. I’ve been a bit busy but I do apologize for the delay in getting these photos uploaded. Here are some photos from the first few days in the life of Xander Mills. Isn’t he adorable?! Click HERE to view our album on!!

The first few days have flown by . . .  and yes, Nick and I aren’t getting a lot of sleep! It’s hard because we just can’t stop holding him! He’s so precious. And, unfortunately we’ve already had our 1st ER visit. When we were discharged from the hospital, Xander had a touch of newborn jaundice so we had to have him retested on Sunday to see if he was getting any better. When the results came back, our pediatrician called and ordered us to the ER (emotional Mommy moment #1). So, at 7pm we headed off across town to visit the ped ER. We were ushered in and Xander was bumped to the front of the line. The admitting nurse said we may have to spend the night (emotional Mommy moment #2). As we waited for a room to become available, we huddled in the corner in an attempt to shelter Xander from all the sick kids. Xander didn’t like sitting in the stroller with the visors covering him so he just screamed and screamed (emotional Mommy moment #3). In the end, Xander got some light therapy. The Nurse Practitioner said Xander appeared healthy and his jaundice was border line depsite the high billirubin. He wasn’t worried that our baby was dehydrated since Xander is eating well and producing BMs and some wet diapers. He said we could go home (emotional Mommy moment #4– curse these hormones!!). As an update, today we went to see our pediatrician. Xander has gained 2 ozs and is producing adequate wet/poopy diapers. My milk has officially come in and Xander is eating like a champ. He had another test today and we’re hoping the billirubin hasn’t increased.  The doctor isn’t expecting the test to come back higher and told us “See ya in a month!” Ahhh, just another day being a parent!

my baby


4 thoughts on “Photos of Xander

  1. I cannot even tell you how happy I am for you all. What a wonderful time in your life right now! Enjoy and savor every moment, and believe me, they only get better and better!

  2. Wish we were there to give him a kiss and cuddle. He,s such a cutie.
    Love from all in England XXXX

  3. He is beautiful!!!! I am so happy for you both. Enjoy every moment of his life! I love to see all the pictures of him as he grows. Take care and God Bless you both and little Xander. Love, Janet

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