39 week checkup- what a relief!

Today I had an afternoon appointment with Dr. Behm since, alas, there’s no baby in sight. Disappointed to say that the full moon over the weekend didn’t send me any good vibes! Anyway, the appointment started off good- normal BP and urine. And I’m still at 0 weight gain for the 9th month- which is amazing! After a short wait, Nick & I were ushered into a room to await the doctor. Nick decided to attend this appointment since I was worried I might need some moral support! Dr. Behm began by measuring my belly . . . ta da! I’m back at 36 cm!!! What a relief! The doc felt my belly and noted that he thinks the baby has dropped even more- which he has. Xander is now at the -1 station but he still has a long way to go. My cervix has not changed, unfortunately. I’m still 1cm, 70% effaced, and the cervix is not soft but firm. Therefore, my Bishop’s score is pretty low so we didn’t have to discuss an induction for this week. Since my cervix isn’t far along, an induction at this stage would most likely fail and result in a C-section. Uh, no thank you! And Dr. Behm isn’t concerned about Xander being too large. He’ll be a big baby, but nothing that requires immediate attention. So, Nick is my good luck charm! This appointment turned out to be a huge sigh of relief.

Dr. Behm did want to discuss a game plan. He doubts I’ll go into labor this week, but obviously he doesn’t own a crystal ball. In the event I go into labor this weekend, his female partner (Dr. Clancy) is on call and would deliver Xander. Otherwise, Behm will see me Monday, March 12 for my last appointment. If I’m dilated more, we’ll induce on Tuesday. If I need some cervix ripening medicine, the process will begin Monday night. So, Xander could have a b-day of March 12th or 13th. Only time will tell!!


2 thoughts on “39 week checkup- what a relief!

  1. I’m getting so excited for you. Everything will be ok. I was worried about the birth of my son, but I tell you what, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It’s the most amazing thing in the world, although my little one had to stay in the hospital for 20 days. He’s a great baby now and I would not trade him for anything in this world. 🙂 Good Luck Leigh and Nick!!

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