Waiting . . .

Waiting for an upcoming vacation or for Christmas is easy. You know exactly how many weeks, days, and minutes remain before you board that airplane or open that first gift. On the other hand, waiting for labor to begin is the most annoying waiting game EVER! First, you don’t know how many weeks, days and minutes remain. Second, you overanalyze every pain, cramp, kick, and Braxton Hicks contraction: Could this be the onset of labor? Third, some days you want *today* to be the big day (house is clean, having a good hair day, well rested) and other days you *don’t* want today to be the big day (house isn’t clean, legs not shaved, didn’t get enough sleep last night). Finally, panic and fear of the unknown haunt your every thought (how much pain will I feel?; am I prepared?; how will I handle a crying newborn?). In short, waiting for labor to begin isn’t fun. I’m basically an anxious sitting duck until it does.

So, here I am. Tomorrow I cross into the 39th week of pregnancy. The baby is fullterm and my due date of March 11 is 1 week away. At most, I have 2 weeks left of pregnancy since Dr. Behm doesn’t allow patients to pass the 41 week marker. I know there is a possibility that on Monday he may recommend an elective induction aka ‘an end to the waiting game’. After I took Lamaze, I told my myself and Nick that I do not want to be induced because of the risks involved (painful contractions early on, increased chance of C-section). Now that I am 39 weeks pregnant, am I changing my song and dance? I’m as miserable as one can get! I’m as big as a house (even my maternity shirts look like mid driffs), my labor jitters are leading to sleepless nights, and the anxiety about every cramp, pain, and Braxton Hicks contraction even has Nick constantly asking  “Are you feeling OK?” So, should I cave, if offered, and accept an induction date and end this misery? Obviously, that is something Nick and I must decide. There is a possibility that on Monday the discussion about an induction will not be necessary (Xander has definitely been exercising this week!) and the debate in my mind (to induce or not to induce) will be laid to rest.

But, then I’ll be back to the waiting game . . .


One thought on “Waiting . . .

  1. I’m feeling you 100 percent!!! And how funny that Monday is the day we both will use to help us with our decision! Actually, I had an induction scheduled for this Monday, but I wussed out and canceled. I figure I’d wait one more week before going to that extreme. Full moon tonight though…..will one of us burst? Let me know!

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