Pick the date & win the prize!

Football SquaresAt our baby shower in Orlando we gave shower guests the opportunity to guess the arrival date of baby Xander. Nick constructed a ‘Football Squares’ poster and guests were able to choose and write down when they thought I’d deliver. Dates range from March 1 (today!) until the end of March. Whomever correctly guesses the actual birth date gets a handmade, exquisite football frame! 🙂

PS: This weekend there is a full moon!

Here are the guesses:

MARCH 1: Uncle Logan

MARCH 2: Alicia C.

MARCH 3: Danny M.

MARCH 4: Sara M.

MARCH 5: Grandpa Mills

MARCH 6: Cecilia C.

MARCH 7: Jen & Chris J.

MARCH 8: Mike C.

MARCH 9: Terry V.

MARCH 10: Chris L.

MARCH 11: DR. BEHM (estimated due date)

MARCH 12: Rebecca G.

MARCH 13: Veronica F.

MARCH 14: Andrea F.

MARCH 15: Uncle Gwyn

MARCH 16: Pa-pow

MARCH 17: Mrs. C

MARCH 18: Nikki P.

MARCH 20: Marc T.

MARCH 23: Andy L.

MARCH 25: Mee-maw (thanks alot!! I hope YOU don’t win)


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