Mardi Gras fun!

Screw New Orleans! Saint Louis has the BEST Mardi Gras celebration! The Grand Parade boasts 150 floats and approximately 800 port-a-potties . . . and lots and lots of drink and warming tents and of course bead stands selling necklaces in all shapes and sizes. Nick and I first attended a Saint Louis Mardi Gras in 2003 while Nick attended his 3 week brewing school. I (vaguely) remember waltzing around town, sporting a purple boa and sipping a hot pink Hurricane that made my tongue glow in the dark. In 2006, our friends Nicole and Hao flew in from Florida to help us celebrate. Our day began at 11am and ended well after dark  . . . we made frequently returned to the parked Tahoe to replenish our Gator cups with beer from the cooler. Isn’t it grand when you can drink on the streets?! Okay, so fast forward to 2007. Leigh’s pregnant and can’t drink. Does she bundle up and attend Mardi Gras for the sole purpose of being Nick’s designated driver? YES! Check out our photos from 2006 & 2007. Who’s coming to visit for Mardi Gras 2008?!

View 2006 photos

View 2007 photos


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