37 week checkup- no progress

37 weeksI visited with Dr. Behm this morning. His office was very quiet, so I was in and out within 20 minutes. I like when that happens! After having my BP (120/70) and weight tracked (no weight gain this week), I was put in a room. The doc measured my belly- I measured at 36cm. He also listened to Xander’s heartbeat- strong as usual. He informed me that my strep B test came back negative. I asked Dr. Behm  if it was normal to feel less movement nowadays (ie: I don’t remember feeling Xander kick yet that morning). He said yes. Obviously, there is less and less room for Xander to move around. He can’t do flips and twirls anymore, so I should expect him to move less but I should STILL feel him move. If I haven’t felt him move 5-10 times by early afternoon, for example, I should attempt to get him to move by drinking something sugary and laying on my side.

Dr. Behm then checked my cervix. I’m half way thinned out and not dilated- the same as last week.  Once again, he told me this is normal- especially with FTMs (first time moms). He wouldn’t be surprised if I went 40-41 weeks and needed some pitocin to start labor. Grrrreat (enter sarcasm here)! PS: I think Xander didn’t like the cervix check just as much I as I didn’t like it– he immediately started kicking!


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