36 week checkup

Today I had my 36 week checkup with Dr. Behm.  After the usual battery of tests, I was swabbed for group B streptococcus (GBS) bacteria. The results will be in next week- if I am positive, then I’ll be treated with antibiotics during delivery so X won’t contract it. My belly was measured (I’m 36cm which is perfect) and Dr. Behm checked the baby’s position (he’s head down. Goooood boy!). In addition, Dr. Behm checked my cervix. I’m currently 50% effaced and I have not dilated yet. It’s typical and normal for 1st time moms to begin effacement (thinning of the cervix) before dilating. FYI: The numbers don’t really predict anything. For example, I could be 100% effaced and 3 cm dilated for weeks before delivering. Kinda disappointing! I wanna know WHEN this baby is coming. I’ll visit with Dr. Behm weekly from this point on so he can check my progress. He says everything appears on-track!  

On a side note, I also met with X’s future pediatrician. Her name is Dr. Daly, and she seems very friendly and in tune to my beliefs and wants. Her office is right next to St. Anthony’s hospital and close to our house. During our meeting, we talked about her office (when they are open, about her 24 hour answering service, next day appointments, separate waiting room for babies etc) and about breast feeding. She told me to skip the books (they are too militant) and instead take advantage of the knowledgeable labor and delivery nurses she personally knows at St. Anthony’s. They can assist me during every feeding while I’m in the hospital. In addition, she gave me a name of a great lactation consultant.


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