We survived Lamaze!

Last night Nick and I attended our 4th and final Lamaze class. We’ve graduated! In our final session, we discussed postpartum and reviewed information from previous classes. We also had a mini party (yes, my chocolate cake was a big hit). One thing the instructor stressed to us was that we can’t plan our labor experience. We can be prepared, but life is unpredictable. The most important thing we should hope for is a healthy baby. Amen, sister!!

Our class concluded with a tour of the 4th floor of the main hospital– labor and delivery. As the elevator doors opened, Nick and I immediately noticed how quiet it was. There were no laboring women screaming from behind hospital room doors and no blood soaked doctors rushing down the hallway. It was quiet and calm. The first stop on our tour was a labor suite. After being admitted, this is the room that I will call ‘home’ until baby X is born. The suite is very large and contains a macdaddy bed, TV, DVD player, private bathroom, recliner, and lots of space (most likely for the doctors, not me). Once the baby is delivered, I will stay in this suite for only 1-2 hours before I’m moved into a postpartum room on the opposite end of the 4th floor. There is a slim chance I will have to bunk with another mom if it’s a busy week. 

Next, we stopped by the nursery. The nursery looks exactly as I expected it would with one exception. It was empty!! No babies!! About 4 nurses, though, were sitting around The nurserywaiting. They all waved to us and stared at our big bellies with anticipation. One older nurse wouldn’t stop smiling and even stepped closer to the glass separating us from her.

As concluded our tour by walking down the hallway to visit a postpartum room. We noticed that it was much noiser down by here. Visitors were buzzing around with ballons, waiting just like the nurses in the nursery. We peeked inside a postpartum room– they are smallar, not as homey but contain all the essentials like a bed (not as macdaddy), recliner for Nick, private bathroom, and TV/DVD player. I will stay at the hospital for 2 midnights after the baby is born. So, if baby X is born at 11pm Sunday, I will be discharged Tuesday morning. If baby is born on Monday at 2am, I will be discharged Wednesday morning. Check out is between 10-11am.

On our walk back to the elevators we saw our first baby, wrapped up like a mummy and being pushed by two nurses in a plastic bed on wheels. “This is a fresh one,” the nurse said as she continued down the hall to the nursery. I bet those nursery workers fought over that baby!

 So, Nick and I now feel confident about the hospital and the labor/delivery wing. We know where to go and what to expect. I just hope that I’m not sent home 2 times before being admitted!! 4 weeks to go!


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