34 week checkup

Today I had my 34 week check up with the OB. For this appointment, I met with Dr. Clancy, the female OB that works with Dr. Behm. There is a chance she may be the doc to deliver the baby, especially if Xander wants to enter the world on a Wednesday or weekend. Overall, the appointment was uneventful (which is good). As usual, my blood pressure was checked, urine tested, and weight tracked. I actually lost 1 pound since my last appointment 2 1/2 weeks ago, which is good since I gained 8 lbs during my trip to Florida (hey, I was on vacation!!). The doc measured my belly and and listened to Xander’s hearbeat. The doc congratulated me on having no stretch marks (knock on wood somebody!) and no swelling.  She asked if I had any problems or concerns– I told her that my heartburn is getting pretty bad, so she gave me a list of medicines I can take besides regular, ineffective tums. Otherwise, I’ve been doing alright. Just tired.

She then sat down and chatted with me about the future. A small percentage of women give birth really early, and only about 5% actually give birth on their due date (so I can’t count on March 11, she said). However, I can count on giving birth within a week of that date. So, sometime a week before or a week after March 11 I should give birth. That’s a 2 week window and it doesn’t satisfy me! I’m a planner, afterall! I hate the unknown! She asked if I’m planning to breast feed (which I am). She told me to keep myself well-hydrated and to call immediately if I think my water has broken or if I get unbearably crampy. Then, I was given some homework. I need to find a pediatrician.

My next appointment is in 1 1/2 weeks with Dr. Behm. I’ll be tested for group B streptococcus (GBS) bacteria, and the doc will check my cervix. I’ll be seen weekly after that. Hey, we had 1 inch of snow last night and the temperature is barely 25 degrees! YUCK!


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