Lamaze class #2

Last night, Nick and I completed our second session of Lamaze. I finally figured out what OUR label should be: “Husband-that-asks-too-many-questions-during-class” couple. I never had the privilege of taking a class with Nick in college (he was a Science major, I was an English major) so I never knew that he thrives on participating! I’m the type of student that prefers to sit back, listen, take notes and perhaps ask the teacher a question AFTER class. Nick is the type that likes to raise his hand to provide the answer over and over again (similar to Lisa on the Simpsons) and when he’s inquisitive about something (which is often), he asks the teacher in the middle of class. I hated those people in college. Their curiousity usually prevented class from dismissing early. Of course, this isn’t college. And I’m glad that Nick is interested in learning more about forceps, episitomies, and pitocin . . .

In class last night, we reviewed the stages of labor by playing a game. We went into more detail about what happens when we arrive at the hospital (how the check in and what to expect). Our teacher also told us about Kegels, inductions, forceps, vacuums, and the various types of baby monitors they use. One thing I learned is that I DON’T want to be induced. Not only does it make the contractions more intense early on, it stresses the baby/mom and increases the chances of having a C-section.  Apparently, many doctors will offer inductions when they really aren’t needed, too  (ie: more convenient for the doctor or mom if she delivers on a certain date).  A woman should only be induced if 1) there’s a medical reason: it’s better for the baby to be out, than in OR 2) mom is nearing 42 weeks.  And yes, first time moms typically have a longer labor period and often go past their 40 week due date. Our teacher, for example, was 12 days over due with her 1st, 8 days over with her 2nd, and 4 days over with her 3rd child. My mom was 2 weeks late with me. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself!


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