Lamaze begins

Last night, Nick and I began our 4 week Lamaze class at Saint Anthony’s hospital. We will be attending every Thursday night from 6-9 p.m. (thank God for digital recording!! Can’t miss Grey’s!) for the next month.

We were almost late to class on the first night, but luckily so were 3 other couples. In fact, we waited until 6:10 for 2 couples to arrive. The third couple didn’t show until nearly 6:30. Our class consists of 6 couples and they come from all walks of life . . . and yes, Nick and I have labeled them already. There’s the “Religious” couple, the “WT” couple, the “Blue Collar” couple, the “I’m just plain weird: I-could-have-auditioned-for-American-Idol-in-Seattle” couple, and the “I’m married to a guy who wears square rimmed glasses and could be gay” couple. Nick and I haven’t come to an agreement on OUR label, but we’ll keep you posted. In short, we have a diverse class yet they all seem very pleasant and nice.

Our first class consisted of introductions, a summary of the stages of labor, when to come to the hospital, a birth video, and a brief breathing and relaxation exercise. The highlight of the night was, of course, the gruesome video. Most the guys in the room winced and closed their eyes during the close-up shots. Yes, birth isn’t pretty (Xander may be an only child!). One thing Nick & I both learned was that not only do moms have to deliver the baby, but they also have to give birth to the placenta!! When the placenta was delievered in the video, *I* winced and closed my eyes. I never realized the placenta had to be expelled separately and wow, it’s huge! Another thing we noticed was that all the women featured in the video were completely naked! No bra, no modesty, nothing!! Nick nudged me and said, “I don’t think you’ll be like that.”

In short, I learned that coming to the hospital TOO early isn’t recommended. In fact, the probability of having a C-section is increased 60% if you arrive too early. The best time to come to the hospital is during the ‘Active’ stage of labor. The actual ‘pushing’ stage of labor only lasts from 5-30 minutes– It’s all the earlier stages that can last hours and hours. Grrrrrreat . . .


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