32 weeks and counting

Today I had my 32 week checkup with Dr. Behm. Today I experienced a long wait in the doctor’s office, so I wasn’t pleased about that. The apppointment consisted of listening to the heartbeat (still strong) and measuring my belly (I’m right on track). We discussed the next couple months and what I should expect. I’ll be seen by the doc every 2 weeks until I’m 36 weeks. Then, I’ll be seen every week. Beginning at 36 weeks, the doc will check at every appointment to see if I’m dilated. My next appointment is Feb. 1 and I’ll meet with Dr. Clancy (she’s the other OB).

Baby Xander is moving like crazy! I’ve been feeling great, too. I still get the hip pain if I’m on my feet for very long and my energy level is diminishing. During our hike through Rock City, Nick and Kali had to go ahead of me. I couldn’t keep up! 🙂

In case you didn’t attend the baby shower in Orlando or if you haven’t heard through the grapevine, Nick and I have chosen to name the baby Alexander John Mills. He will be called Xander. Less than 2 months left!


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