Update from Florida

I don’t even remember the color of my house; it’s been so long since I last saw it! Yep, I’m still down here in Florida, enjoying the warm temperatures and the lack of household chores and duties! It’s been great! I’m now almost feeling 100% as well. Of course, my holiday illness later included pink eye in both my eyes!! I was healthy for over a 1 year and a half so I guess I don’t have much to complain about.

Florida has been great. I’ve been able to fulfill my cravings (like eating Peking Chicken at my favorite Chinese joint EVER- Kim Wu), shop (think Millenia Mall: the most over-the-top mall in Orlando) , dip my toes in wet sand and salty water (but only for a second! Th Gulf was freezing!), see friends (baby showers, New Years Eve were a blast!), and open lots and lots of gifts (how will we ever get back to Saint Louis with it all!?). And it has been awesome to spend quality time with the Mills and the Anderson clans! Hey, it’s not even over yet. I still got 4 more days until Nick and I (attempt to) pack the Tahoo and begin the drive back to Missouri. 


3 thoughts on “Update from Florida

  1. You are carrying so much more compactly than me!!I’m all pointy compared to you. How far along are you now? You look adorable. I love your proud smile here and that black shirt is gorgeous!

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