We’re coming to Florida!

That’s right folks! Mark your calendars. Nick, Leigh, and Kali are packing their suitcases and coming to Florida for the holidays! I’m ashamed to admit this . . . we haven’t visited the Sunshine State since November 2005 so I’m WAY overdue! The reason we haven’t been back is that 1. airplane tickets cost ALOT (believe it or not it is cheaper to fly to FL from New Hampshire) 2. My work schedule (I work 9:45-6:45 Mon-Thurs and 10:45-7:45 on Fridays! Sucky. Especially since my previous New Hampshire job gave me half days on Fridays and Fridays off in the summer. It was much easier to take a long weekend to fly to FL) 3. well, there is no number 3. Just refer back to #1 & #2

My last day of work is Wednesday, December 20th, and we will be leaving for FL that night. We will drive down to Nashville for the night and then complete the remainder of the drive on Thursday., December 21st. Nick & I will spend Christmas in Orlando with my whole family (Logan will be back from Iraq !!). After Christmas we will make our way down south to visit friends and Nick’s family. We will spend New Years in Largo/St. Pete. Unfortunately, Nick has to return to work since he only gets 4 weeks vacation, but I will remain in Orlando from January 2-10th.  We hope to see EVERYONE during this time frame! So, mark your calendars!


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