Boy, oh Boy!

baby's skull

On Thursday we had our BIG ultrasound with Dr. Behm! Nick & I were very excited about this appointment for obvious reasons and it could not come soon enough. We woke up and I immediately began drinking lots of fluids, as many of my work associates and friends recommended it. So, by the time we arrived at the doctor’s office, I was walking a little bit funny. As usual, I hoped on the scale and had my blood pressure tested.  Then the nurse handed me a cup for a urine sample. I gave her a puzzled look. I then told her I was having an ultrasound and didn’t she want my bladder to be full?? “Nope” she replied, “we don’t require that.” Wow, what a relief it was to use the bathroom before the ultrasound.

One thing I LOVE about this OB is that there is NEVER a wait. We were immediately ushered into a examination room and Dr. Behm entered soon thereafter to begin the ultrasound. He must have used a half gallon of gel on my stomach (and boy was it cold!) and he didn’t exactly have a gentle touch. I can’t imagine having an ultrasound done with a full bladder! The image on the screen was a little fuzzy and he often had to ‘tell’ us  what we were looking at. Oh, here’s an arm and there’s a leg. Nick & I would lean in closer, hesitate, and then say “Ahhhh!” The doc took measurements of the head, stomach,  and the leg. We also looked at the spine and heart. Unfortunately, he had a hard time locating all 4 chambers of the heart so we’ll do another ultrasound in 4 weeks to take another look. Everything seems to be growing symmetrically, though the abdomen is a week older than the head (DEFINITELY Nick’s baby) . Our baby weighs a mere 14 ozs. Based on my ultrasound, my due date is March 9, but the doc wants to keep it at March 11 for now.

And, what about the sex? Though I’m sure the news has spread like wildfire, I will tell the story again. We’re having a boy!! At first, the doctor couldn’t tell. The baby’s legs were crossed, hiding the genital area. But later when we were looking at the spine and butt, the doctor noticed something between the legs . . . and I’m sure you know what THAT meant. Nick and I are very happy with the news. We’re begun talking about names and picking out registry items. And Nick has even had a baby dream . . . it’s all getting real!


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