Garage Sale success!

Today Nick and I held a garage sale. I placed an ad in the Saint Louis Dispatch on Wednesday and at 8am this morning, the crowds were in our driveway looking for a deal. Within 1 hour, half of our stuff was gone.

Our 1st garage sale was back in Jacksonville, just before we moved to NH. I considered that event a success (we sold a huge desk, 2 couches, several tables, and some clothes) even though the little items remained unsold. I priced those items too high because they held some sort of sentimental value. I couldn’t insult my clothes or frames by sticking anything less than a $5 dollar price tag on them. In short, those items traveled with us to NH and now MO.  As I ticketed items last night, most of those items had prices of $1 or less. I had no guilt putting a .25 cent tag on many items, too. Maybe it’s the pregnancy that has given me a change of heart, or maybe it’s the fact that I want all the junk GONE!

Nick & I are both packrats.  Our garage and 4th bedroom had become a shrine to our junk. Specifically, I’m talking about Nick’s old stereo system, my headboard from college, a aquarium stand, a birdcage, 2 tv stands, a queen boxpring, a futon bed, dirty vases, a coffee pot, greenery with an inch of dirt on every leaf, clothes I’ve grown to hate, and even a harmonica (which sold for .25 cents). I was proud to see Nick participate by putting price tags on his old chainsaw (he ended up giving that away for free to a Mexican family), a pair of shoes (sold for $2 dollars even though they had no laces), and an old TV.    

At the end of the afternoon, our driveway was empty. Things that remained unsold include our Nordic Tracker Stepper, the tv stands and some small knick knacks. With the exception of the stepper, the rest is garbage. Our garage sale was a success!! Maybe now we can squeeze a car or two into the garage and the 4th bedroom can be used as a nursery. Plus, the cool $300+ dollars we made will come in handy! 


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