18 weeks belly photo

18 weeks

Originally uploaded by leighuf.

Ok, okay, I’ve finally snapped a belly photo. Everyone has been asking to see one, so here ya go. We took this photo last weekend to document the beginning of my 5th month. And boy, let me tell ya! My belly has grown so much since this photo was taken. Pants I comfortably fit into last week barely fit this week! My lower abs have become firm to the touch and YES, I have felt the baby moving! I felt it as early as last week, but didn’t quite know for sure if it was the baby or just stomach spasms from digestion. These spasms are unique and something I’ve never felt before. They occur throughout the day, but sometimes (like last night) they were pretty strong. I can’t really describe how they feel, just different. Almost like a doctor’s little hammer gently poking. Weird. I’m hoping Nick can feel it soon! We tired this morning, but the baby wasn’t cooperating. Oh well!


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