Traveling is my crack.

With a baby on the way and the prospect of taking time off from work for a year, I’m  retiring my favorite hobby . . . temporarily.   My passport has been tucked away for safe keeping, my Budget Travel magazines dog eared and saved, my Frommer and Fodor books have a thin layer of dust, and my travel fund piggy bank is empty. It’s definitely depressing! The only vacation Nick and I have planned is . . . well, a vacation that requires the passport to come out of hiding . . . not until January 2008! It’s so far away, I can’t even get excited about it.So many hours, days, weeks, months, and even a year have to pass before I can whip out my retired passport, jump on a plane, and blissfully cruise into the sunset of the wonderful vacation. (Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit because half the fun of a trip is the preplanning stages. So, as soon as the airplane tickets can be purchased, the preplanning has begun! You get the point).

The adventure, the discovery, and the awe of experiencing a new country or a new city is uncomparable. I thrive on becoming more knowledgeable about the world we live in, the people, the smells, the food, and the culture.  For instance, in England lemonade is Sprite;in Paris you drink cappuccino (caffe au lait) for breakfast and espresso in the afternoon; I’m taller than most people Japan; the best clam chowder isn’t in Boston, but in Alaska; the stereotype that Italian men are flirts is 100% accurate; the most beautiful place in the world is the French Riviera; and Mexico is the best place to get sun burnt in a hurry!  

 I hope to pass this passion along to my son or daughter. And, I plan to start traveling with him or her at the tender age of 10 months when we trek down to the Dominican. So much will have occurred by the time January 2008 rolls around . . . GOSH! I need a vacation! 


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