I’m 17 weeks today

This past Thursday I had my 16 week checkup with Dr. Behm. At the appointment the doc listened to the heartbeat again- it’s still going strong! While listening to the heartbeat, we suddenly heard this loud noise. ‘What you just heard,” the doc explained ” was the baby moving.” Wow, how cool! He asked if I have felt the baby yet, but alas I have not. He said usually by the 20th week I will have felt the baby. He and I also talked about the joint pain I’ve been having.  It hits me everyday around 2-3pm and lasts until the next morning. Lying down is the only thing that makes it feel better. And I find that walking or just being on my feet accelerates the pain. Once the pain hits, I walk and bend over differently. It hurts!!! Due to the location of this constant pain, he doesn’t think it’s the sciatic nerve. The pain is located around my hips and the top of the buttock area. Apparently my bones are preparing for childbirth . . . and the pain isn’t going to get any better! He said take extra strength Tylenol, wear flat shoes, take warm baths, and use a heating pad. At the end of the appointment, a nurse stuck a needle in me and filled 6 vials of blood. Soon I will know what blood type I am, if I’m a carrier for Downs or Spinal Bifida, and whether or not I have HIV. Excellent. I made my next month’s appointment for October 26th. At that time, the Dr. will conduct the important ultrasound. The Dr. will examine the baby’s development, check out the placenta, and look for any growth defects. And of course, if the baby cooperates we’ll find out the sex.  Stay Tuned!


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