What’s the world coming to? I’M PREGNANT!

I’m pregnant!

Let’s rewind back to June. Nick turned the big 3-0 June 18th (and I turned 27 on May 25). Perhaps we felt that we weren’t getting any younger, just older. Or maybe it WAS just the right timing . . . Nick and I were nearing our 3 year wedding anniversary, we were finally happy and settled in Saint Louis, we’ve traveled and cruised to our heart’s delight, and we’re somewhat financially secure. Who knows. But for some reason we just decided, “what the hell. What happens, happens.”

And boy, did it happen. And fast!! Two and a half weeks later on June 27,  the day I was suppose to start my period, I had ‘that’ feeling. It’s like I knew. On the way home from work, I stopped at Schnucks Grocery store and bought a home pregnancy test. Nick wasn’t home yet from work when I took it. But, it came back positive. My internal (or, is it maternal) instincts were dead on. I’m pregnant.

About 30 minutes later, I heard Nick unlocking the front door. We chatted about our day for a couple minutes. He then went into the downstairs washroom to use the bathroom. After he had closed the door, I casually added that I took a pregnancy test. As he exited the washroom, he curiously asked me about the results. ‘It’s positive,’ I told him. ‘Let me see it,’ he replied. (As if I was lying!) I told him it was upstairs, so the next thing I knew he was pounding up the staircase in search of the test. I heard him shout down a moment later. ‘Is that REAL?’

Yes, I’ve received that reaction more than once already. Yes, the person who could have been voted ‘Least likely to have kids’ is having a baby. But then again, I work with kids. I still remember my mom’s reaction back in 2001 when I told her I got a job at a preschool. Disbelief, dumbfounded. Maybe I just like surprising and shocking people. Who knows.

Anyway, I’m due March 11, 2007. Subscribe to my blog. I’ll update often.


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