Recent Dr. Appointment

I visited Dr. Behm on Thursday, August 24th for my 11 week checkup. The purpose of this appointment, besides weighing me in and testing my urine as usual, was to listen to the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. We saw the heartbeat during my ultrasound 1 month ago, but now it was time to hear it.

So, the nurse walked in with a portable mini karaoke looking machine. She placed the microphone portion of the machine on my lower belly and began moving it all around in hopes of hearing the heartbeat. It took her awhile and all we heard at first were fuzzy sounds (It was the like movie ‘Contact’). Anyway, she finally found the rapid heartbeat. “Sounds good” she said and that was it! Another successful Dr. visit. My next appointment is scheduled a month from now in September. Dr. Behm will be doing extensive blood work at that time. Then the next Dr. visit, in October, will be the BIG ultrasound!  Stay turned!


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