Morning Sickness or Withdrawal?!

I felt the effects of pregnancy almost immediately . . . the morning sickness effects, that is. The first two weeks of July were brutal. I’d wake up every morning feeling woozy. By the time I finished showering, I was ready to hurl. Food consumption usually fixed the nasuea, for a little while at least. I must admit that I did hurl one morning when a bowl of cereal failed to ‘fix’. Alas, was it truly morning sickness or withdrawal from my nightly glass of wine and my 4-5 cups of morning coffee?

In recent weeks, the nasuea has nearly disappeared. Hunger and particular smells have sent waves of nasuea over my body. Otherwise, I feel perfectly normal . . . oddly UNpregnant. But, everytime I turn down a cocktail at a restaurant or skip over the coffee grinds in the food closet, I feel completely knocked up.

During the past month, I have had particular food aversions. Raw meat, steak, grilled cheese, dirty dish smells, tuna (but I always hated it to begin with), and certain frozen meals. I’m rekindled my love for cereals, ice cream, and raspberry yogurt, though.

Next dr. appointment is 8/24/06.


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